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At The Great British Ground Screw, we are the largest supplier and installer of Ground Screws in the UK. Through constant research and development we provide a range of ground screws specifically designed for optimum performance, longevity and structural integrity. Our professional range of ground screws are made with higher quality steel than other UK suppliers and verified by UKAS laboratory testing.

Trust In Our Experience

We are one of the longest established ground screw companies in the uk and have a wealth of experience when it comes to manufacturing and understanding the quality of ground screws for your projects. All our installations are carried out by qualified, trained and experienced staff, all supported by our CHAS accreditation. Our continuous training and auditing program ensures the highest quality products and services to all our clients at the best possible price – guaranteed.

Trust In Buying Quality Ground Screws

Recently Ground Screws have grown in popularity, with more people opting for ground screw foundations rather than traditional (and less environmentally-friendly) concrete bases. However, this has also led to people purchasing ground screws from companies that are not offering good quality ground screws and that are not set up to carry out the installation to a high standard. 

At GBGS, we have had to carry out many ‘rescue missions’ recently after poor installations have been carried out by inexperienced installation companies using inappropriate ground screws and people have been left with unstable and unsafe foundations. 

We understand the requirements needed to undertake ground screw installations and what rights you have as a consumer to be assured that you are buying from a reputable ground screw supplier. We are proud that our success has been built on our reputation as the UK’s leading ground screw company, an accolade that we will strive to continue for years to come.

The Great British Ground Screw Company

We at the Great British Ground Screw Company lead the way in ground screw foundation technology. Our continuous research and development program ensures the highest quality products and services to all our clients at the best possible price. Committed to customer service, our professional, friendly staff are available to assist in any way possible, from supply to installation.

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