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Eco-Friendly Ground Screw Decking Bases

At the Great British Ground Screw, we are the largest supplier and installer of Ground Screws in the UK and Ireland. Our innovative Ground Screws provide a durable and sustainable base for decking projects. The ground screws can be installed quickly, with minimal mess and without filling the ground with concrete. This saves you time and money and cuts down on carbon emissions. Our experienced team can install your ground screws and work with you on your project, or for seasoned DIY people, you can opt for our self-install ground screws.


Our Ground Screws can support a range of temporary and permanent structures from garden sheds, to decking, to unique art installations. Through constant research and development we provide a range of ground screws specifically designed for optimum performance, longevity and structural integrity, all laboratory tested and verified.


Concrete is now the second most consumed substance on Earth after water, with 10% of all carbon emissions a consequence of cement production. Ground Screws provide an eco-friendly solution by cutting out the need for concrete and producing a fraction of the carbon emissions.

Unique Installation Machinery

We are the only ground screw supplier to manufacture it’s own, completely bespoke, hand operated installation machine – the most powerful in the world. This means our customers save on time and money when installing their ground screws, whether they use our installation team, or opt for the self-install ground screws.

Self Installation Ground Screws

For customers who need the benefits of ground screw foundations but for smaller scale projects with lighter loading requirements. We offer a high quality range of 70mm diameter ground screws with lengths of up to 1200mm specifically designed for DIY installation. Prices start from as little £18.00.

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